Thought that would grab your attention. We would like you to be the first to know that in addition to our current business, we are starting a joint venture with another compliance consultancy firm, that we have worked closely with for the last 10 years. The new venture will trade as Naked Compliance but is registered as Naked Compliance Documents Ltd. However this is not expected to go live until June.

The company’s purpose is, to provide a website portal where people can purchase and download compliance templates and documents. It is aimed at companies who wish to ‘do it yourself’ and are not looking for consultancy support or human interaction.

The joint venture pools the resources of two compliance consultancies with a combined experience in financial services of over 70 years. By producing and designing new templates and documents for Naked Compliance, taking the best from each consultancy. As the saying goes ‘two heads are better than one,’ so two consultancies producing joint documents will be the best of both worlds. 

This article is just to let you know what is going on, and, in case you see any marketing from Naked Compliance, as you just won’t Adam & Eve it!  

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